Education for Children


This project started in December 2019 to teach children who were deprived of good educational opportunities. This project was started to give students a good platform where they can get additional support for their studies apart from their schools. We aim to develop the skills of curiosity and inquisitiveness in every child. The pandemic had wholly broken down our education system, and students were suffering a lot due to the loss of their studies. We started this project offline, but later we shifted into online mode as well. And today, we are functioning in both modes as per the situations. This project addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, which is Quality Education.

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We work to make students independent, provide them co-curricular activities along with education, and help them fulfill their dreams. As per the latest statistics, we have 160+ students enrolled from all the centers with us under Project Education, and 200+ volunteers work passionately each day to provide these students with proper education and knowledge. And since it's inception we have successfully completed 5000+ hours of teaching. Many drives and events are conducted for these students, which allows them to discover their interests apart from classroom education.

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